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"Alice!” is something never seen before in Italy, a nouveau cirque experience out of time and space, which makes the audience the protagonist, together with the most beautiful characters of Lewis Carroll's book, and immerses them in a fairy-tale dimension under the roof of the Spiegel Tent.

Technology, scenic art, unique performers, music and theater are put at the service of Wonder to create an unprecedented show.

Snip! The Queen of Hearts wants to cut everybody’s head off. Has someone stolen her country’s Wonder? Not quite, if tables have a thousand legs and caterpillars are born out of teapots, if you forget your name in a forest where you walk horizontally on crystal notes, if wearing a hat is enough for dreams, hopes and thoughts to be disclosed to the whole world.
Gravity is not contemplated in Wonderland, instead it makes the spectator jump in their chair with adrenaline and sounds of awe.

Maybe it was Alice who stole the Wonder, since she can be giant, minuscule and then meet her double in the air and fly with her?
And is it the Rabbit Hole that swallowed Alice that makes these miracles?
If so, let the Rabbit Hole swallow the audience too and make it fly in the country where the Wonder cannot be stolen as the Wonder is contagious.


Written and Directed by: Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbaek
Set Design: Barbara de Limburg
Costume Design: Nicolas Vaudelet
Light Design: Pasquale Mari
Video Design: Giuseppe Ragazzini
Original Score: John Metcalfe
Lyrics: Lulu Helbaek, Simone Ferrari, John Metcalfe and Francesco Monti
Acrobatic Designer: Jerome LeBaut
Director of Creation: Stefania Opipari
Assistant Director: Fred Santambrogio
The title track "Alice!" is performed by Elisa Toffoli

Creation Cast: Valerie Doucet, Eline Guélat, Vincent Jutras, Moira Albertalli, Charlie Wheeller, Jarrod Bates, James Kingsford-Smith, Delia Ceruti.
with the participation of Accademia Kataklò.

Photo Credits: Luca Parisse & Andrea Vernoni