Cartier High Jewelry 23

Creative & Show Director
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For the runway show of Cartier's new High Jewelry collection 2023, Lulu Helbaek & Simone Ferrari (LuSi) were tasked with creating a striking installation and fashion show within one of Italy's iconic Renaissance locations: the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.

LuSi aimed to bring their proposed concept of "magnifying Beauty" to life through a physical representation. Thus designing a series of lenses that interacted with light, video, and the performative elements of the fashion show.

The Fashion Show of Cartier's latest collection "Le voyage Recommencé" transported the guest into a world where beauty is amplified. Lenses unveil dreamlike dimensions, and emotions come alive, acting as gateways to fantastical worlds inspired by Cartier's art.


A Cartier Show designed and directed by Lulu Helbaek & Simone Ferrari

Executive Creative Direction & Show Direction: Lulu Helbaek & Simone Ferrari
Executive Producer: Marco Cisaria, Foll.ia

Director of Creation: Stefania Opipari
Set Designer: Chiara Stephenson
Associate Set Designer: Rob McIntyre
Light Designer: Pasquale Mari
Costume Designer: Marina Roberti
Video Design: Sergio Pappalettera
Choreographer: Jared Hageman
Ballet Ensemble: Nuovo Balletto di Toscana

Photos: Luca Parisse, Carlotta Orioli, Stephane Ait Ouarab