Cirque du Soleil - NYSA

Director & Author
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Together with Lulu Helbaek we will create and direct "NYSA" the first Cirque Du Soleil's resident show in Europe, premiering in Berlin at the Potsdamer Platz Theatre . (currently postponed due to Covid-19)

Cirque du Soleil NYSA is an exhilarating blend of inspired storytelling, spectacular artistry and breakthrough acrobatics; a show to take you beyond what you can imagine.
This modern tale follows the story of Nysa, a fearless young woman who longs for adventure and open skies. Her curiosity and courage will give her the power to step into the unexpected and fly towards new worlds. Take off with Cirque du Soleil and travel through unchartered territories, to a world you've never imagined.


Show Directors and Writers: Lulu Helbæk & Simone Ferrari
Chief Executive Producer: Yasmine Khalil
Vice President, Creation: Daniel Fortin
Producer: Nathalie Enault
Director of Creation: Daniel Ross
Set and Props Designer: Jean Rabasse
Costume Designer: Elen Ewing
Composer: John Metcalfe
Human Performance Designer: Jérôme Le Baut
Acrobatic Equipment Designer: Ewen Seagel
Sound Designer: Jean-Michel Caron
Lighting Designers: Martin Labrecque & Mathieu Poirier
Production Director: Inigo Alonso Ezcurdia