Cirque du Soleil - Sarwat Watan

Director & Author
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In September 2022, Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbaek wrote and directed Cirque du Soleil's new show 'Sarwat Watan', a powerful and immersive show about the journey of three travelers, who immerse themselves in a new culture and place, where the West and Middle-East meet.

A show that focuses on the theme of travel, travel that enriches us, changes us profoundly, making us grow, meeting the different and making it part of us through mutual acquaintance.

A journey that unites through art and humanity.

With gravity-defying numbers and daring performances between earth, sky and water, the show blended theatrical language and Nuveau Cirque.

“Sarwat Watan” was staged in a custom-built theatre in Ryiadh, KSA where thousands of people saw it live over several evenings, and was seen by millions in a live broadcast event for the 92nd National Day of KSA.

LuSi worked with a team of fabulous designers and 39 artists from 13 different countries who prove every day that the limit of what is possible is really relative. 


A show written and directed by: Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbaek

Creation Director: Fabrice Becker
Set designer & Props Co-Designer Stéphane Roy
Light Designer: Mathieu Poirier
Video designers: Finn Ross & Adam Young aka FRAY Studio
Acrobatic designer: Jerome le Baut
Costume Designer: Nicolas Vaudelet
Music Composers: Bob & Bill
Choreographers: Mélissa Colello & Anthony Venisse
Props Co-Designer: Madeleine B-e
Directors Assistant: Fred Santambrogio
LuSi Concept Artist: Filippo Baracchi
Artistic Coordinator: Ahiu Pourteau
Make-Up Designer: Gabrielle Brulotte

Photos: Marie-Andrée Lemire
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