XF - Germaine Acogny

Creative & Show Director
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Working at X Factor was for me a way of bringing a different vision of the artistic world onto one of the most important stages in Italy. A vision made up of voices that were not the usual ones that could normally be found in the television schedule, especially in the Italian panorama.

For this reason I decided to open one of the XF's live shows with a very special collaboration, I invited Germaine Acogny, one of the most important exponents in the world of dance, to create an original piece together. She's been recently awarded with the Venice Biennale's Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement by Wayne McGregor. 

Germaine, with her curiosity, honored us with her creative presence during the creation and her physical presence on stage, creating one of the most touching moments of the entire season.

Creative & Show Direction: Simone Ferrari
Associate Creative Director: Lulu Helbaek
Coreography: Germaine Acogny with Aaron Sillis
Costumes: Nick Cerioni