XF - Germaine Acogny

Creative Director
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One of my goals as Creative Director of XF12 was to bring to a wider audience in an accesible way a narration of what Art can do in order to convey a meaningful and powerful message. So was natural for me to ask to the mother of Contemporary African Dance, Germaine Acogny, to create together with me a piece about it. 

I was honored and thrilled that Germaine Acogny has accepted my invitation to create together a performance where dance and music were merged into a universal language capable of breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers. Art is the first answer to stay human in a moment where intolerance and fear take over, dividing and influencing our daily life. Was  important for me to talk about openness and solidarity in the only way I know: with the performative language. Thanks to Sky and Fremantle for allowing me to do that at X Factor.

Creative and Mise en Scene Direction: Simone Ferrari
Associate Creative Director: Lulu Helbaek
Coreography: Germaine Acogny & Aaron Sillis
Costumes: Nick Cerioni